It's never fun to hear that you've been selected for an audit.  Audits take significant time and energy away from your business, requiring you to prepare and gather records on all of your tax reports.  The IRS will fine you a substantial bill if you are not careful. But for our clients, there is often nothing to fear.

       Our experienced team will promise an interaction that doesn't cost you your finances, and will neutralize the advantage the IRS revenue agents may have on the comprehension of tax procedures. Once we put in the work to prepare a case and provide documentation, we can handle the process from there.

     What sets us apart is our experience and knowledge of tax information. We understand your return better than anyone else and know the correct strategies to defend you. Our company can ensure professionalism and outstanding results. 

      All we ask of our clients is that they send all notices to us as soon as possible upon receipt, and we can take it from there. It's pretty difficult to decode what the IRS and EDD or FTB notices mean, but our staff has seen hundreds and can quickly resolve any potential issue and provide a vigorous defense. We can swiftly and efficiently evaluate your reports and take the tremendous stress off your shoulders. 


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Peninsula Accounting has done my family’s tax return for the last three years and has been as accurate on the details as they are a pleasure to work with. I had an IRS issue regarding a stock trade that I thought was a major financial mistake, but Susan helped me work through it, and with her knowledge and experience it ended up to be an oversight! I will be sticking with Peninsula Accounting and highly recomment working with them” - Brian L, Yelp 2014